Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun with tiny toy digi :)

I can't stop taking pictures with this new toy digi.
It's so much fun... and cost efficient!! Just pretty bad picture quality, but it's not like they will show up on places other than this blog. And also the camera holds only 20 pictures of high res... which isn't so high res. But it's all good :)

So once again, I'm dumping all these pictures un-retouched. I rarely retouch my photos anyway. It's all about the camera :)
These were mostly taken on my way to work, except for those feet at the bottom. I took that one just right now. I love my flowery bed sheet.

I have a thing stop signs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Camera!

Today I visited CNE with my supervisors, and bought an awewsome new camera!!
It's by Vivitar, and its a super mini sized toy digital camera!!! 16 bucks!!!
I tried it out right away at CNE, and was amazed at the result of my random shots! The camera is so tiny, I can't help but to shake a little and mistakenly pressing on the shutter buttons a little, but it's all good!! The mistake shots came out great :)
Now I can just carry this around when I don't have any bag spaces, or money in my wallet for film developments :D

Good purchase, Lisa!