Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Camera!

Today I visited CNE with my supervisors, and bought an awewsome new camera!!
It's by Vivitar, and its a super mini sized toy digital camera!!! 16 bucks!!!
I tried it out right away at CNE, and was amazed at the result of my random shots! The camera is so tiny, I can't help but to shake a little and mistakenly pressing on the shutter buttons a little, but it's all good!! The mistake shots came out great :)
Now I can just carry this around when I don't have any bag spaces, or money in my wallet for film developments :D

Good purchase, Lisa!


Peter Hong Chan said...

yes totally awesome purchase lisa! haha

glad i got one too :)
take more pixxx!!!

lettie said...

haha wad else did u buy!

Lisa Tao said...

lol didn't really buy much. just a tank top and shorts for myself, and a sweater and scarf for my mum. the camera was my best purchase tho!